If you could arrive at the doorstep of enlightenment in 8 weeks, would you take the journey?

Hi, I’m Michael Richardson-Borne.

Welcome to The Path of Non-separation “In the World Retreat.”

It’s an online course for you if you’re ready to enhance your spiritual quest with an inspirational 8-week journey that leads you directly to the doorstep of enlightenment.

This course is for you when you are ready to take profound action, to move beyond the limitations of your Separate Self – and to powerfully step into discovering who you truly are as an expression of what I call Non-separation.

So, if you know you are committed to spiritual transformation, but don’t know where to turn to find a structured process that easily fits into a busy, modern lifestyle – I invite you to take the course I’m offering below.

If you can fully commit to The Path of Non-separation for 8 weeks, you’re on your way to a priceless discovery – one that takes you to the doorstep of enlightenment.

All you’ll need to do is open the door.

A Question

Is this course for you?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you’re in the right place.

If you could access a more contemporary path to enlightenment that makes “non-dual” religious traditions and spiritual teachers seem outdated, would you be interested?

If you could access a path to enlightenment taught like an engaging college course that provides you with cutting edge spiritual practices instead of sitting meditation, transcendent poetry, and elusive q&a sessions, would you be interested?

If you could access a path to enlightenment where there isn’t a guru or “god-man”, but more of a “university professor” or mentor, would you be interested?

If you could access a path to enlightenment that isn’t believed to be cosmic, overtly spiritual, or in any way special – but instead is held as a common-sense, practical birthright, would you be interested?

If you could access a path to enlightenment that grounds you firmly in the world rather than presses you to transcend it, would you be interested?

If you could access a path to enlightenment that doesn’t require a single second away from your real life responsibilities or a bunch of financial resources for lengthy spiritual retreats, would you be interested?

If you could access a path to enlightenment that is powerful for beginners and instructional for the already realized, would you be interested?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are interested in taking The Path of Non-separation “In the World Retreat” – an online course that leads you to the doorstep of enlightenment in 8 weeks.

But before we get to the information you need to begin the online course, let’s take a second to introduce you to The Path of Non-separation.

What is The Path of Non-Separation?

A Short Description of the 8-Week Path

The Path of Non-separation is a contemporary spiritual practice for men and women who are seeking enlightenment – what I call Non-separation.

It provides an experiential framework composed of the 8 main levels of identity you need to pass through in order to reach the doorstep of enlightenment (and many even open the door.)

Each level has an intellectual component called a “self-inquiry exercise” and an associated “in the world practice” that empowers you to integrate one level while entering the next.

All practices are “relational” – which means the way they’re “activated” is through engagement with all of your current relationships.

The Path of Non-separation is taught in a college-style lecture format with weekly “office hours” (via video conference call) to answer any questions you may have.

Through these lectures, practices, and video calls, your identity gradually shifts from “separation” to “not separate” – and with a little perseverance, Non-separation.

The Path of Non-separation “In the World Retreat” walks you through this process over the course of an 8-week online course.

The Path of Non-Separation

An 8-Week Journey

What You Will Experience in the Online Course

Week 1: The Echo Chamber

What is it? – A personal experience that exists one step removed from the “alive moment” and encounters only a faint echo of life.

Week 1 Practice:  Elocution

The Experience:  A shift from mental mayhem to consistent attention.

Week 2: The Surface Moment

What is it? – That which is revealed when focus on the external world is so complete that the personal experience of "presence" begins to appear.

Week 2 Practice:  Inside-Out

The Experience:   A shift from consistent attention to centered focus.

Week 3: Story Identity

What is it? – Moving from the sole focus on the external world to making the turn within, the mind is discovered to be a collection of stories living as the total definition of who one is.

Week 3 Practice:  The External Not Separate

The Experience:  A shift from centered focus on the external world to centered focus on the internal world.

Week 4: Personal Myth

What is it? – The mechanism by which living as a Story Identity creates suffering. It can be described as "the outcome of comparing 'the way this are' versus 'the way things are supposed to be’."

Week 4 Practice:  The Internal Not Separate

The Experience:  A shift from “unaware separation” to “aware separation.”

Week 5: Original Story

What is it? – The first story of individuality that happened to you. The personal "internal presence" that the Story Identity and Personal Myth define as one's Separate Self.

Week 5 Practice:  Who’s Aware of the Story?

The Experience:  A shift from a fragmented “many-storied” separation to a unified “mono-storied” separation.

Week 6: Impersonal Experience

What is it? – The impersonal experience of being that does not include personal experience.

Week 6 Practice:  Living the Impersonal

The Experience:  A shift from the personal experience of separation to the impersonal experience of separation.

Week 7: Non-Separation

What is it? – The impersonal existence of being that includes all personal & impersonal experience.

Week 7 Practice:  Lived Non-separation

The Experience:   A shift from the impersonal “experience” of separation to impersonal “existence.”

Week 8: Applied Awakening

What is it? – The spontaneous application of the remembrance of Non-separation.

Week 8 Practice:  Life Itself

The Experience:  Being spontaneously lived as an invitation to Non-separation.

Why Take the Path of Non-separation?
What to Expect From The Path of Non-separation Online Course

• It’s Guided

Speak with me weekly on a group video conference call to get your questions answered.

• It’s Modern

Taught as a university-style course that makes the journey to enlightenment more tangible.

• It’s Relational

Immediately apply the practices to your life as you interact with those around you.

• It’s Communal

Give and receive support to other practitioners you meet on weekly conference calls.

• It’s Relaxed

Take as long as you need to complete the course – you have access to the weekly group Q&As indefinitely.

What People are Saying About The Path of Non-separation

“Startlingly original work of sheer genius.  Highly recommended, if you can handle it!"

Ken Wilber, Author, Integral Spirituality

“Michael illuminates the experience of awakening in novel ways that are captivating, and penetrate humanity's stubborn addiction to the illusion of separation and difference. If what he’s saying begins to be heard, he is the most dangerous man in America.”  

Amir Nasr, Author, My [email protected]: How Fundamentalism Stole My Heart and Doubt Freed My Soul

“Ambitious and brilliant while exhibiting what is so vital to our present age.”

Ron Miller, Professor of Religion, Lake Forest College, Author, The Gospel of Thomas

"Beautiful and provocative. The Path of Non-separation is a masterful poetic synthesis of university-like education and eastern spirituality."

Julie Connor, Global Political Review

"Michael quickly saw an elephant in the room blocking my development. He helped me resolve the situation quickly and with a minimum of pain. And so my journey continues with Michael. He’s an example of a “rare one” that all of us should be so lucky to experience."

Mark Goulston, M.D., Author, Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

"I spent years with Indian master Ramesh Balsekar. He always said someone would translate the awakening experience in a way that was palatable to “the West.”  It’s my feeling that Michael is that person and The Path of Non-separation is the way.”

Alan Shelton, Author, Awakened Leadership

About Michael

Michael Richardson-Borne is the creator of Applied Awakening and The Path of Non-separation.

He has supported the launch of multiple successful startup companies in the field of transformational education and, most recently, worked for five years as the CEO of Globalish Institute, a privately owned think tank in Los Angeles – an organization that globally recognized philosopher Ken Wilber called “startlingly original work of sheer genius.”  In 2016, Michael left his CEO position to focus on his private practice and to further develop his work in Applied Awakening.

Michael studied philosophy on special student status at Oxford University and holds degrees in Biology and English. He is an award-winning poet and short-story writer as well as one of 50 global leaders selected for the inaugural Global Cooperative Forum. Young leaders of the New Arab Spring movement call him "the most dangerous man in America."

His primary spiritual support came from Alan Shelton, a retired CPA who spent a decade in India where he studied with Advaita teacher Ramesh Balsekar, the translator for renowned teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj.

He now teaches programs in Applied Awakening. Program topics include everything from transpersonal psychology and diplomacy to social justice and the arts.

He lives in Lexington, KY with his wife, Michelle, and son, Marcel.

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The Path of Non-separation Retreat is divided into 8 lessons. Each lesson is composed of video lectures, written self inquiry exercises, and an “in the world practice” that you will do throughout the week. You will also be able to speak with me on weekly calls to have all of your questions answered.

Course Overview

A brief description of the 8-week journey in The Path of Non-separation "In the World Retreat."

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Self-Inquiry Exercises

Each lesson contains written self- inquiry exercises to help you discover your True Identity.

In the World Practices

Each lesson provides you with an "in the world practice" to engage for the week.

Weekly Calls

Speak with me once a week in a group conference call to answer all of your questions.

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