Hi, I'm Michael Richardson-Borne.
Welcome to the Applied Awakening Study Room where you will find my teaching studio as well as a library of lectures, books, films, articles, and practices to support you on your journey to Applied Awakening.

If you would like to take an online course, watch a lecture, read a book, etc., everything in the Study Room is clearly labeled below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email.
The invitation extended in the collection of lectures, books, articles, and courses you find below is nothing less than to remember who you truly are. It’s an invitation to recognize how our global institutions, whether they be political, economic, educational, cultural, or religious are built upon the foundational assumption of a Separate Self. Applied Awakening is a call to heal this culture of separation by realizing the inquiry needed to catalyze the self-rightening movement towards a culture of Non-separation. To support this endeavor, I offer teachings from numerous fields – everything from transpersonal psychology and spirituality to American pop culture and politics.  

I hope they’re of service to your journey.

not separate,


The Path of Non-Separation
An "In the World Retreat" for Practitioners of Applied Awakening

The Path of Non-separation Retreat is the foundational teaching for all students who want to study Applied Awakening. For all new-comers to my work, I recommend that you begin here. The Path of Non-separation is an 8-week "in the world retreat" composed of video lectures, written exercises, and self-inquiry practices designed to provide you with the basics of Applied Awakening.  To begin The Path of Non-separation, watch the introductory talk above, then click the first button below to proceed to the Table of Contents.  If you're interested in taking the retreat with my guidance, click the second button below for more information.

The Path of Non-separation Blog

By clicking the button below, you will be directed to the Path of Non-separation blog. It’s the best place to visit if you are searching for an archive of written lessons that teach the journey to Applied Awakening.

The articles include everything from transcribed Q&As to fictional interviews with world leaders to text messages with American pop culture celebrities – all written as lessons to guide you to the remembrance of Non-separation.

Applied Awakening Teaching Studio

In the Teaching Studio, you will find a growing collection of lectures arranged in four categories: 

Politics, Transpersonal Psychology, American Culture, and Self-Inquiry.

New lectures are added once or twice a month. 

Go to the Teaching Studio by clicking the button below.

Applied Awakening Practices

Applied Awakening practices are designed to help you experience the 8 levels of identity that lead to the remembrance of Non-separation.

All practices include video explanations and written exercises you can complete at your own pace.

View all available practices by clicking the button below.

Below is a library of resources for you – lectures, articles, films, & books to support your study of Applied Awakening & the Path of Non-separation. Click on any of the titles to access your selection.