A Guide is Not Guidance (2020)

A Guide is Not Guidance is a collection of question and answer sessions that delves into the internal explorations of Applied Awakening practitioners who are seeking the realization of Non-separation.

As you read, remember that Applied Awakening is a destination reached by completing The Path of Non-separation – and that the book is intended to be an introduction to the types of conversations that exist on the road to Applied Awakening.

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YouTube Guru (2017)
Go deeper into the Path of Non-separation by studying these 20 lessons from Michael Richardson-Borne.  Each lesson begins by watching a video from YouTube whose main themes are then unpacked and offered as poignant teachings on Non-separation.

A wide range of topics is explored in YouTube Guru – everything from love & relationships to racial discrimination & mental illness – all written as pointers to the realization of Non-separation.  This book has been designed for people looking for a 21st-century path of awakening.

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