Self Inquiry Books
By Michael Richardson-Borne
You Are Not Separate
The Path of Non-separation is a contemporary self inquiry process for people passionate about taking a real world journey to remember the pre-existing unity of their true being. It begins by grasping that the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a separate self, an understanding that means the formerly unquestioned belief in separation is, in fact, questionable.

This understanding launches a self inquiry process that can move one from living a life based on an assumption of a separate self to being lived as the authentic existence of Non-separation – graduating one from being fully embedded in (and creating from) a personal context to being a new set of outcomes as a conduit of the impersonal.

You Are Not Separate is a 7 part lecture series that teaches the basics of Applied Awakening. Leave your information below and I will send you a copy of the lectures.
YouTube Guru
Go deeper into the Path of Non-separation by studying these 20 lessons from Michael Richardson-Borne.  Each lesson begins by watching a video from YouTube whose main themes are then unpacked and offered as poignant teachings on Non-separation.

A wide range of topics is explored in YouTube Guru – everything from love & relationships to racial discrimination & mental illness – all written as pointers to the realization of Non-separation.  This book has been designed for people looking for a 21st century path of awakening.

Get your copy of YouTube Guru: How 20 Music Videos From YouTube Can Help You Realize the True Self  by adding your information below.