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Michael Richardson-Borne is a transpersonal psychologist as well as the creator of Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation. Michael has supported the launch of multiple successful startup companies in the field of transformational education and, most recently, worked for five years as the CEO of Globalish Institute, a privately owned think tank in Los Angeles – an organization that globally recognized philosopher Ken Wilber called “startlingly original work of sheer genius.”  In 2016, Michael left his CEO position to create Richardson-Borne Institute, a think tank with degree programs that focus on advancing the field of Applied Awakening.

Michael studied philosophy on special student status at Oxford University and holds degrees in Biology and English Literature.  His primary spiritual support came from Alan Shelton, a retired CPA who spent a decade in India where he studied with Advaita teacher Ramesh Balsekar, the translator for renowned teacher Nisargadatta Maharaj.  Besides his work, Michael enjoys listening to a wide range of music on Spotify & supporting his favorite sports teams – particularly the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What is Non-separation?

What is the Path of Non-separation?  The Path of Non-separation is a contemporary self inquiry process for people passionate about taking a real world journey to remember the pre-existing unity of their true being. It begins by grasping that the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a separate self, an understanding that means the formerly unquestioned belief in separation is, in fact, questionable. This understanding launches a self inquiry process that can move one from living a life based on an assumption of a separate self to being lived as the authentic existence of Non-separation – graduating one from being fully embedded in (and creating from) a personal context to being a new set of outcomes as a conduit of the impersonal. This new set of outcomes is the impersonal action of Applied Awakening.

What is Applied Awakening?

Applied Awakening is the application of the realization of Non-separation. This is precisely why the focus of my work is teaching the Path of Non-separation – once Non-separation is realized, one is lived as a natural application of awakening. 

Applying the realization of Non-separation to any field of knowledge is to instantly transform it.  Since the entire global system is built on the tribal framework of the separate self, any change that happens within the framework of this system is, in fact, not change.  It is a perpetuation of a separative system that will not transition until we, as a collective, wake up to the pre-existing unity that is living all of us.  For humanity as a whole, Applied Awakening is the only way forward that will constitute real change – making Non-separation the pre-cursor to a world situation that will solve itself.

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