Amber Waves of Grain (2020)

Amber Waves of Grain is a book particularly relevant to the time we live in – a time filled with political strife that has America creeping in the direction of civil war.

With the country in such a chaotic moment, many are beginning to ask questions that live at the intersection of spiritual awakening and social change. They’re asking how applications of an enlightened life can course-correct a culture so steeped in separation.

Amber Waves of Grain answers these questions by revealing the transformation that’s possible should we collectively realize the illusion of the Separate Self and remember who we are as expressions of Non-separation.

If you wonder what awakened political leadership in America could look, sound, and feel like in the world today, this book is written for you.

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See, But Don't See (2018)
See, But Don't See is a speech to the United States Congress that doubles as a pointer to Non-separation.

Gain insight on how the United States Congress leads the country from the assumption of a separate self, an assumption that lives at the foundation of all of our societal structures.  The assumption of a separate self is the primary assumption of who our representatives believe themselves to be.  But what happens if this assumption is questioned?
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Reverse Dominoes or Chase Unicorns? (2017)
Return to an idyllic past or create an epic future?  These are the two limited & limiting options for global change when one’s identity is embedded in the belief in a separate self.

But, what happens when you begin to question the assumption of a separate self?  What happens when the separate self is seen through and the truth of Non-separation becomes the lived experience of who you are?  

Reverse Dominoes or Chase Unicorns?  is an introduction to Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation for anyone interested in the impact Applied Awakening can have on global culture.  Get your copy by clicking the button below.
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The Only Revolution Left (2017)
What do revolution & social change look like when the separate self has been properly situated within the purview of Non-separation?  Find out by studying these 20 lessons from transpersonal psychologist Michael Richardson-Borne.

The Only Revolution Left answers questions about race, government, politics, national identity, religion and much more – all as teachings that point to the realization of Non-separation.
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