International Relations Books
By Michael Richardson-Borne
Reverse Dominoes or Chase Unicorns?
Return to an idyllic past or create an epic future?  These are the two limited & limiting options for global change when one’s identity is embedded in the belief in a separate self.

But, what happens when you begin to question the assumption of a separate self?  What happens when the separate self is seen through and the truth of Non-separation becomes the lived experience of who you are?  

Reverse Dominoes or Chase Unicorns?  is an introduction to Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation for anyone interested in the impact Applied Awakening can have on global culture.  Get your copy by adding your information below.
The Only Revolution Left
What do revolution & social change look like when the separate self has been properly situated within the purview of Non-separation?  Find out by studying these 20 lessons from transpersonal psychologist Michael Richardson-Borne.

The Only Revolution Left answers questions about race, government, politics, national identity, religion and much more – all as teachings that point to the realization of Non-separation.
Get your copy of The Only Revolution Left: Discovering the Path of Non-separation as the Key to Changing the World by adding your information below.
See, But Don't See
See, But Don't See is a speech to the United States Congress that doubles as a pointer to Non-separation.

Gain insight on how the United States Congress leads the country from the assumption of a separate self, an assumption that lives at the foundation of all of our societal structures.  The assumption of a separate self is the primary assumption of who our representatives believe themselves to be.  But what happens if this assumption is questioned?